Take two guys from NY (well, one New Yorker and a Jersey boy) with a stupid sense of humor, a love of anything with a motor, and a passion for all types of music, and what do you get?


Gerard San Gemino and Paul Kavadias met after being transplanted to LA ten years ago. They quickly developed a close friendship as they shared their passion for motorcycles, guitars, and anything else that is loud. 

Eventually they decided to stop spending all their time on things that go fast, and start spending some of it making noise. Along the way they met Dr. Fawn Passionsuede, whose passion for rock is equaled only by her passion for more rock.

And out of that, Ziptie was born. 

A band that encompasses a lot of influences, a lot of grit, and a bit of humor to keep people on their toes. This band is not afraid to get dirty, or try to make you laugh. Add the power house drumming of Mikey Mayhem, a blistering live show, and you see this band is not messing around.